Advance1040 Program


Kingdom Channels is excited to announce a new program, ADVANCE1040.  ADVANCE1040 is about spreading the Kingdom of Christ in unreached and/or undeveloped areas. The focus of ADVANCE1040 is developing new fields of service, training volunteers, further equipping those laboring in the harvest, and ultimately empowering, commissioning, and supporting those laborers.

ADVANCE1040 is collaborating with existing Kingdom Channels programs such as the LIVE Team and FOCUS Training, as well as working with other Anabaptist related organizations in developing training programs and further deployment of volunteers.

T3 Training

The entry level training of the ADVANCE1040 program is T3.  T3 is a crisis response training designed for volunteers serving, or anticipating serving, in disaster response (especially in the Middle East). To qualify for T3 training, applicants must first have served a minimum of 4 weeks in international disaster response, or 6 weeks in international service. Exceptions are considered if the applicant has completed the Kingdom Channels FOCUS training (or equivalent course) or has sufficient experience in public safety such as fire department, EMS etc. 


The next T3 is scheduled for October 13 - 19 2019, in Gap, Pennsylvania. Fill out the following short form to receive further information; the application is available through the links below.

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Contact us about T3 or the ADVANCE1040 project by using the form to send us an email.


ADVANCE1040 Future

Search and rescue wilderness training (T3, October 2018).

Search and rescue wilderness training (T3, October 2018).

ADVANCE1040 is currently developing service opportunities in the countries listed below, with various exploratory trips planned (funds pending).

  • Serbia

  • Jordan

  • Mongolia

  • Unnamed Asian country (name omitted for security reasons)


ADVANCE1040 is also in the process of developing a 9-12 month intensive training program which we hope to offer in the next year, consisting of the following components.

  • Short Term Assignment (6 weeks +/-) with a minimum of 2 Middle Eastern service organizations.

  • FOCUS Training (15 days of classroom-style training on Islam, crisis and trauma, team dynamics, leadership, etc.).

  • Muslim Impact Training. Focused teaching on Islam (3 days).

  • A 6 Month Middle East Service Assignment.

  • Practical/Tactical Skills Training. 3-4 Weeks of hands-on, immersion training in skills such as medical, team building, and communications, relating to crisis situations, search and rescue, logistics management, etc.

  • 6 Week Long Term Orientation with DestiNations International (or an equivalent course).

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification (6 weeks).

Three Kingdom Channels staff are developing ADVANCE1040.  This consists of investing hundreds of hours as well as travel expense for exploratory trips. If you would like to invest in empowering ADVANCE1040 to empower others, please send your donation (earmarked ADVANCE1040) to Kingdom Channels 121 County Road 616 Athens, Tennessee 37303, or use the link below.