Kingdom Channels - Iraq is committed to bringing a peaceful, Anabaptist response to the refugee crisis caused by ISIS. Instead of spreading hate, what if we taught love? Instead of despair, hope? What if these people, who have lost everything to terrorism, were shown the way of God's infinite love? This, we believe, is the only response that will bring lasting peace to the Middle East. Will you join us on this incredible mission to change Iraq through love?



The majority of whom Kingdom Channels is reaching out to are children, many of which have lost family members to the brutal tactics of ISIS. We may not be able to change the hearts of ISIS fighters, but we can change the hearts of the next generation. The specific need caused by the onslaught of ISIS is an incredible opportunity to serve and bring true change through the way of peace. 


Kingdom Channels - Iraq is making a difference by:

  • teaching English
  • supporting volunteers on the ground
  • mentorship classes
  • trauma care for women who were trafficked by ISIS
  • teaching practical skills so the next generation has a hopeful future
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