Some of the Iraq team

Some of the Iraq team

Kingdom Channels has a permanent team located in northern Iraq. However, for security reasons we cannot name or picture these team members. The team consists of over a dozen long-term volunteers, two families, and various short-term volunteers. Kingdom Channels operates in two different locations within Iraq.

The stateside team consists of staff from various Anabaptist churches. Kingdom Channels is governed by a board of seven members, as well as a board of advisers that provides insight and an outside, unbiased opinion on operations and conduct. 


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Merle Weaver - Board Chairman

Merle lives with his wife and eleven children in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He serves in leadership in his local church, as well as in several other non-profit organizations. 





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Anthony Gingerich - Board Member

Anthony and Lynda Gingerich live in northwestern Pennsylvania, where Anthony serves as lead pastor at Shalom Mennonite Church.  They enjoy homesteading with their four girls, as well as participating in outreach opportunities.  They have a vision to connect local church life with God's work around the world, and to build unity and commitment that will equip the God's people to withstand secularizing pressures and find new opportunities for service.  Anthony is employed in hydraulic manufacturing and sales, and Lynda is a stay-at-home mom.


Glenn Martin - Board Member

Glenn and his wife Audrey reside with their family in central Pennsylvania, where they are active in a congregation of Kingdom focused believers. Glenn is also involved in their community in the fire/EMS service, as well as encouraging and networking believers. His deep desire is to see the Bride of Jesus Christ be strengthened, encouraged, and built up.





James Martin - Board Member and Treasurer

James lives with his wife and four children in Penn Yann, New York. James and his family have heard the call for reapers in the Kingdom harvest and are seeking the will of God for their family. The Martin's have also served on the field with the Kingdom Channels team in Iraq. 





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"Morgan" - Board Member and Field Director

"Morgan" (real name withheld) serves as the Iraq field director and on the Kingdom Channels board. He divides his time between Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and the work in Iraq. Morgan is one of the original vision carriers for the work in the Middle East and has lived there for several years, and has also been instrumental in training long term volunteers to go to Iraq. He is a member of Wills Ridge Mennonite Church in Virginia.



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Duane Martin - Board Member

Duane, along with his wife Linda and family, lives in the Finger Lakes area of New York. He enjoys dairy farming and is active in the local fire department as an interior fire fighter and first responder. He enjoys spending time with family and friends; Duane's vision is to encourage and enable people to walk in God's calling on their lives.





Reagan S. - Administrator

Reagan (full name withheld for security reasons) has served in communications for many different Anabaptist ministries and manages the day-to-day details for Kingdom Channels. He is passionate about communicating the needs of the Middle East and showing how conservative Anabaptist churches can respond in a Christ-centered way.





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Dean Taylor - Field Adviser

Dean and his family are currently serving among refugees in Greece. Dean and Tonya were both soldiers in the American military before becoming followers of Jesus and believers in Christ's way of peace and nonresistance. Dean is author of the book A Change of Allegiance and a Bible teacher. 




Elijah Yoder - Field Adviser

Elijah Yoder lives in Harrisonville, Pennsylvania, where he teaches at Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. Elijah and his family have spent the majority of their lives speaking into young people and helping build God's Kingdom all across the globe. Elijah also serves as lead pastor of Grace Haven Mennonite.





Kyle Stoltzfus - Administrative Adviser

Kyle lives with his family in northern Pennsylvania. He is currently a teacher and communications coordinator at Faith Builders Educational Program in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. Besides his involvement in various Anabaptist nonprofit organizations, Kyle has a passion to grow God's Kingdom through nonprofit work. He is also pursuing a graduate degree church history and Biblical studies. 



Verlon Miller - Board Adviser

Verlon lives with his family in Athens, Tennessee; he is lead pastor of Wellspring Mennonite Church, where he has served for the past 20 years. Verlon has a heart to help assist God's laborers through practical ways of service, and provides insight and logistical support to Kingdom Channels staff in the states. 

Mike Stoltzfus - Board Adviser

Mike and Esther live with their family in Gap, Pennsylvania and attend Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. In the fall of 2014 Mike and Esther felt the Lord lead them to sell their home and business. They now spend their time, energy, and finances traveling across America sharing about the needs in Iraq and challenging American churches. Mike has a passion to see God's people revived and being the salt and light we are meant to be.



Merv King - Board Adviser

Merv and his family live in White Horse in Eastern Lancaster County. They are part of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. Merv and his wife have felt God's call to get involved in non-profit work and have a vision for ministering to the Church at large, especially through music and revival ministry.




Marlin Sommers - Bookkeeper

Marlin Sommers is a doctoral graduate of University of Tennessee and works part-time as an teacher there. Marlin and his wife Meredith have three children and are active in their home congregation, Wellspring Mennonite Church. Marlin is bookkeeper for Kingdom Channels and assists with organizational structure, while also investing in several other non-profit ministries.