Who We Are

Refugee camp on Mount Sinjar, Iraq.

Refugee camp on Mount Sinjar, Iraq.

Kingdom Channels is an Anabaptist nonprofit organization with a vision to reach out in the most closed and unreached places around the globe. KC is focused on training and sending people, particularly into the refugee crisis. Through our various projects, we have had volunteers in Iraq, Jordan, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, France, and Serbia. We strive to bring hope to refugees and war victims, and focus on long term, established work in the Middle East. Kingdom Channels has two teams operating in two locations within Iraq. KC is also taking steps to begin a long term work among the refugees that have fled into Serbia.

In late summer of 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) seized large areas of land across the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. The evil that this terrorist group has spread is unlike anything seen in modern times. Mass graves, beheadings, and burning captives alive are all common practices.

A view of the village where Kingdom Channels is serving.

Kingdom Channels is bringing aid and hope to refugees displaced in the northern regions of Iraq. Our goal is to show love during this dark time. The specific need that ISIS has created by causing the refugee crisis is a golden opportunity for God's Kingdom. People are being given hope for the first time since losing everything to terrorism. 

It is to the most unreached that Kingdom Channels has committed to serve. Volunteers live and serve among the refugees in northern Iraq, laboring in a village that contains thousands of refugees who fled from Sinjar, Iraq, when ISIS attacked in August 2014.

Kingdom Channels is reaching out specifically to the Yezidis, a people group numbering over 800,000. More than half of the Yezidis have been forced to flee their homes or have been killed as a result of ISIS attacks. Because of the work of KC, the Yezidis are being given hope in a time where hope seems lost. 

Will you be the change this world needs? Will you give these people hope in a land where hope no longer exists?

Volunteer opportunities abound; click here to learn more about serving. Click below to learn more about our team.